Bohemian Interior Design Books

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Bohemian interior books

Although Pinterest does a good job of keeping us inspired when it comes to interiors with a vast variety of beautiful imagery, must-have style and cute and quirky DIYs, it doesn’t beat lounging on the sofa on a Sunday afternoon flicking through a nice and heavy interior design coffee book. In my opinion it will be a long while until books with stunning photography and in-depth expert advice on how to achieve elegant interiors will be made redundant by social networks. There is just nothing quite like it.

Here is a small collection of bohemian inspired interior design books to inspire you by.

Pale & Interesting- Decorating with Whites, Pastels and Neutrals for a Warm and Welcoming Home Pale & Interesting
Decorating with Whites, Pastels and Neutrals for a Warm and Welcoming Home

This interior design book on making the most of your lightly coloured rooms is written by interior stylist Atlanta Bartlett and designer Dave Coote. They celebrate keeping it simple, which makes the book packed with easy to create, easy living space. With this book you learn how to create light and airy rooms with texture to keep it interesting. This book is perfect if you live in a seaside town such as Brighton or St Ives and are looking for a bit of inspiration to make the most of your space. Get it here.

Inside Pale & Interesting

Gypsy- A World of Colour and Interiors Gypsy
A World of Colour & Interiors

In this book by interior stylist and author Sibella Court, you’re taken around the globe and are exposed to an array of different culture’s interiors, colours and decor. Sibella shows you how to collect and hoard all these wonderful and marvellous things you can accuminate while on your travels, with fantastic display ideas to exhibit your souvenirs at home. Get it here.

Inside Gypsy- A World of Colour and Interiors

Through the French Door - Romantic interiors inspired by classic French style Through the French Door
Romantic interiors inspired by classic French style by Carolyn Westbrook

What I love about this sort of interior design style is how well plants and nature are mixed within the home. Bringing in palm trees into the lounge instantly gives it a bohemian edge, especially if they are planted in old dusty ceramic pots or plant pots with a fun and colourful glaze. Get it here.

Inside Through the French Door

Do you read interior design books? Which ones do you recommend reading? Don’t forget to follow us on Pinterest for even more bohemian interior design ideas.

One comment on “Bohemian Interior Design Books

  1. Amy Rutter

    I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with interior design books. I love looking through them and getting ideas plus imagining how I would decorate and furnish my fantasy home. But it also makes me feel a bit down that my home isn’t as nice as some in the books. One day!! x


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