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Gifts for Bear Lovers

There is something so magical about the bear. Whether it is a polar bear, grizzly bear, brown or black bear, ...
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Brigitte May at work

Interview with Brigitte May

Today I have the pleasure of introducing you to one of my favourite illustrators, Brigitte May. I saw Brigitte's work ...
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Crazy about succulents

I will happily admit that I am a little crazy about succulents. They are just so small and tiny, and ...
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Beautiful Motivational Posters to Hang in your Bohemian Home

Let's face it, we all need a little motivations every now and again. I've noticed for example that on social ...
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Bohmeian interior books

Bohemian Interior Design Books

Although Pinterest does a good job of keeping us inspired when it comes to interiors with a vast variety of ...
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Interview with Hannah Adamaszek

Hannah Adamaszek is a fine artist located just outside of Brighton, who specialises in painting beautiful spiritual women. It's the ...
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Interview with Mooshpie

What first drew me to Francesca Eastwell of Mooshpie's work was her clear range of skills and talents. Cheska's an ...
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LARA Store Opening Event in Brighton

LARA store opening event in Brighton The other week I attended the store opening event for LARA, a homeware and ...
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