Bohemian Fashion Inspiration

Take inspiration for your daily outfits from the bohemian fashion trend.


Nicholas K Fall 2013 Runway Report

View my post on Nicholas K at New York Fashion Week on Brighton Fashion Week's blog.Last weekend I did a ...
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Icelandic Fashion

Image source: Reykjavik Fashion Festival I'm going to Iceland tomorrow so I thought it was appropriate to show you some ...
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Balmain Spring 2012

Balmain, Paris, S/S 2012 who Balmain.location Paris.the look Regal Vegas.themes Embellishments, prints, floral, rock 'n' roll, leather, denim, fringing, ...
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Anna Sui Spring 2012

Anna Sui, New York, S/S 2012 who Anna Sui.location New York.the look Playful Seventies.themes Prints, retro, animal print, ruffles, ...
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Alexander McQueen Spring 2012

Alexander McQueen, Paris, S/S 2012 www.alexandermcqueen.comwho Alexander McQueen.location Paris.the look Coral Goddess.themes Cocktail, prints, pleating, draping, ruffles, suits, metallic, ladylike, ...
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3.1 Phillip Lim Spring 2012

3.1 Phillip Lim, New York, S/S 2012 who 3.1 Phillip Lim.location New York.the look Sorbet Sportswear.themes Sporty, minimal, draping, ...
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Alexander Wang Spring 2012

Alexander Wang, New York, S/S 2012 www.alexanderwang.comwho Alexander Wang.location New York.the look Futuristic Cyclist.themes Sporty, body con, prints, tribal, outerwear, ...
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Derek Lam Fall 2011

Derek Lam, New York, Fall 2011 who Derek Lam. location New York. the look Luxe Sportswear. themes Texture, fur, ...
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Carolina Herrera Fall 2011

Carolina Herrera, New York, Fall 2011 who Carolina Herrera. location New York. the look Elemental Embellishment. themes Texture, fur, ...
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Calvin Klein Collection Fall 2011

Calvin Klein Collection, New York, Fall 2011 who Calvin Klein Collection. location New York. the look Modern Minimalism. themes ...
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Anna Sui Fall 2011

Anna Sui, New York, Fall 2011 who Anna Sui. location New York. the look Folklore Glamour. themes Folklore, art ...
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Alexander Wang Fall 2011

Alexander Wang, New York, Fall 2011 who Alexander Wang. location New York. the look Cool-Girl Lux. themes Luxury, fur, ...
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John Rocha London Fashion Week

John Rocha, London, S/S 2012 This is an illustration I did recently for Amelia's Magazine of one of John ...
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3.1 Phillip Lim Fall 2011

3.1 Phillip Lim, New York, Fall 2011 who 3.1 Phillip Lim. location New York. the look Urban Cyclist. themes ...
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Shivani Chavda Graduate Fashion Week 2011

I created this illustration of one of Shivani Chavda's designs for Amelia's Magazine. Shivani Chavda is a De Montfort Graduate ...
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Dominique Kral Graduate Fashion Week 2011

Another illustration I recently made for Amelia's Magazine. This is an illustration of one of Dominique Kral's designs from Graduate ...
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Phillip Schueller Graduate Fashion Week 2011

This is just something I knocked up over the weekend for Amelia's Magazine. Its an illustration of one of Philipp ...
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