Faux Fur Coats for the Cooler Months

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Faux Fur Coats
If you fancy a change and are looking to update your wardrobe for the fall, then you should start by having a hunt around for the perfect outerwear for Autumn 2013, because in most cases, if you’re be going anywhere you’ll certainly be bringing your coat.
If you want to go for a warm, cosy coat this season then you’ll be in need of a jacket with faux fur or sheepskin lining, as the texture is perfect for trapping in the warm air and keeping you toasty in dry, chilly temperatures.

Light shearling style jacket, £49.99
I’m a huge fan of duffle and sheep skin coats, so this coat ticks all the boxes for me with its deep pockets, sheepskin lining and all round cosiness.
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Faux suede coat, £59.99
This coat is nice and long with a military, faux fur twist. Due to its longer length it should keep the majority of you warm throughout the winter months. Buy here >>
Puffer Jacket
Faux fur trim coat, £69.99
This puffer jacket has a removable faux fur trim, so you don’t have to worry about the fur getting ruined in the rain or snow.
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Biker Jacket
Shearling trim biker jacket, £39.99
If tougher biker jackets are more you thing than you’d love this beige sheepskin coat. This will keep you so much more warmer than a traditional leather biker jacket. Buy here >>
Fur Front

Faux fur front jacket, £39.99
This 70s vibe jacket has lovely shaggy faux fur lining, which makes it perfect for throwing over your party dresses and keeping you warm. Buy here >>

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