Fashion Blogger Interviews

View our whole collection of blogger interviews below. All portraits have been illustrated by myself.


Steffy of Steffy’s Pros & Cons

Steffy, 25, USA Steffy's Pros & Cons location Miami, Florida. inspired by Colour. signature look Peter pan collar and a ...
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Becky of Milk Bubble Tea

Becky, 22, UK Milk Bubble Tea location England. inspired by Other bloggers, nature, light, soft pastel colours. signature look Simple ...
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Amanda of the Style Gossiper

Amanda, 18, Sweden The Style Gossiper location Sweden.inspired by Everything from Gossip Girl to other fashion bloggers to fashion spreads.signature ...
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Christina of Profresh Style

Christina, USA Profresh Style location New York City, NY.inspired by What's outside - from people on the street, to colours ...
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Carrie of Wish Wish Wish

Carrie, 21, UK Wish Wish Wish location London, England.inspired by 60s, girly girls, puppies and loud music.signature look A short ...
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Chloe of Naughty Mess

Chloe, 21, Canada Naughty Mess location Torontoinspired by Art history, the 90s, my mum.signature look Cut off denim shorts. Lace ...
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Amanda of Oracle Fox

Amanda, Australia Oracle Fox location Queensland, Australia.inspired by Nature and beautiful vibrant colours.signature look Contemporary Australian with a 'rock' edge.current ...
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Nadia of They Call Me Redhead

Nadia, 19, The Netherlands They Call Me Redhead location The Netherlands.inspired by Nostalgic feelings and things.signature look My green sweater ...
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Jamie of the Fancy Teacup

Jamie, USA The Fancy Teacup location America.inspired by The 1940s-1950s, colours, the British, Paris, and anything feline.signature look Darling dresses/skirts, ...
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Lua of Le Happy

Lua, 21, USA Le Happy location New York, USA.inspired by People in the streets. Abbey Lee Kershaw is the best ...
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Olivia of Lust For Life

Olivia, 19, USA Lust For Life location Southern California, USA.inspired by Valley of the Dolls, 70's rock and roll, and ...
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Marianna of Mariannan

Marianna, 21, Finland Mariannan location Helsinki, Finland.inspired by Everything around me.signature look Trashed preppy.current favourite wardrobe item Black poncho, transforms ...
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Kerti of Kertiii

Kerti, 20, Estonia Kertiii location Tartu, Estonia.inspired by Everything.signature look "Between the click of the light and the start of ...
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Bethany of Snakes Nest

Bethany, 19, USA Snakes Nest location Los Angeles, CA.inspired by I'm very much inspired by music and other fashion bloggers.signature ...
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Camille of Camille Tries To Blog

Camille, 23, Philippines Camille Tries To Blog location Manila, Philippines.inspired by Fashion greats.signature look Young sophistication.current favourite wardrobe item Balenciaga ...
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Victoria of VIPXO

Victoria, 22, UK VIPXO location Leeds, England.inspired by Other bloggers.signature look Anything block coloured.current favourite wardrobe item A bright blue ...
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Giselle of Paint it Black

Giselle, 26, UK Paint it Black location Surrey, England.inspired by Nature, 70's and Native America.signature look Boho meets Rock Chick ...
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Erika of Handful of Fashion

Erika, 16, UK Handful of Fashion location North East, England. inspired by Hot bloggers and Alice Dellal.signature look Punk and ...
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Emma of Emma’s Diary

Emma, 17, France Emma's Diary location South of France.inspired by Everything can be inspiring for me.signature look I have no ...
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Ivania of Love Aesthetics

Ivania, 23, The Netherlands Love Aesthetics location The Netherlands inspired by Surprises. Could be a design never seen before, or ...
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Keiko of Keiko Lynn

Keiko, 26, USA Keiko Lynn location Brooklyn, NY.inspired by Old photographs, street sightings.signature look Feminine, a little quirky.current favourite wardrobe ...
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Becky-May of The Flower Girl

Becky-May, 17, UK The Flower Girl location Bath, England.inspired by The 60's, interesting people, menswear.signature look Flared jeans with a ...
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Breanne of Flattery

Breanne, 19, Canada Flattery location Winnipeg, Canada.inspired by The 50's and other bloggers.signature look Anything bows.current favourite wardrobe item Satchel ...
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Autilia of Autilia’s Blog

Autilia, 21, AustraliaAutilia's Blog location Perth, Australia.inspired by Everything but mostly magazines, street fashion, history and beautiful pieces.signature look Quirky ...
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Bekah of D is for Dangerous

Bekah, 19, UK D is for Dangerous location North East, Englandinspired by Um, everything!signature look Oh god, I can't think ...
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Bonnie of Flashes of Style

Bonnie, 22, USA Flashes of Style location Texas, USA.inspired by Flowers, vintage, old movies.signature look chunky knits, florals, leather satchel, ...
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Claire of Stolen From Grandma

Claire, 20, Australia Stolen From Grandma location Perth, Australia.inspired by Magazines, old films, fellow bloggers... I'm a bit of an ...
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